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Apex Financial

Have you ever wanted to refinance without having to restart your 30 year mortgage? Now you can! We give you control over your mortgage destiny. You choose your loan term. Anywhere between 8 and 30 years!

HARP loans to 200% of the appraised value!! This is for those of you that make your payments on time but dont have the value to refinance. We do it for investment properties too! Seriously call us if you owe more than what your home is worth!

No money down? Want conventional rates? We have the loan! Call us for details!!

Do you have a retirement plan that accumulates dollars in the right types of accounts? Will you enjoy a tax free retirement? Have you lost thousands of dollars in your 401(k)? We have alternatives. We will show you how to guarantee returns with no exposure to the downside of the market!

We would love to meet with you! All of our consultations are free!
Call us @ 801-294-6179